Go On Vacation and Come Back With A New Body

If you’re thinking that summer is already here, and it’s far too late for a little “help” to get you on that beach or to that pool party, then you’re wrong. Lift MD Aesthetics® offers a variety of options to help you feel and look your best this summer season.

Dr. Garo Kassabian has always been known for his expertise in Liposculpture. One of the many benefits of Liposculpture is that the recovery time is much less than traditional liposuction, and is significantly less invasive. It is also designed to make moderate changes to the patient’s appearance, and is not to target massive weight loss. Liposculpture essentially removes and “re-assigns” fat through micro-fat grafting to different areas of the body that are deficient and need additional volume to achieve a desired physique and shape.  “Most patients can return to work and begin exercising again within a day or two after surgery.” About 90% of patients can see at least some improvements in their physique by one week after surgery.In as little as 1-2 weeks, you can be back in your swim suit, looking better than ever.

For an easier recovery, Lift MD Aesthetics® now offers pre and post-surgery vitamin packs to ensure optimal healing as well as special compression garments that are to be worn for 2 weeks after the surgery for further results. If you aren’t feeling like all your hard work is paying off and you need a little something extra, learn more about what Liposculpture by Dr. Garo Kassabian can do for you.  Call us today for our 1-Day Laser Liposuction Procedure with Skin Tightening.

If you’re not ready for Liposculpture, try Lift MD Aesthetic’s® Body Contour Kit which aids in reducing the appearance of cellulite while tightening the skin using topical products; or cellulite reducing activewear like the Body Sculpting Capri.


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