Top 5 Tips for Fat Busting Your Belly

It’s summer time and we all know what that means; sun-soaked days at the beach and pool parties! Don’t worry if your not feeling in tip top shape, this will help you trim up and shed those few extra pounds to get you bathing suit ready. It all starts with proper digestion and having a clean digestive system through detox. The more toxins there are in the body, the more more the fat cells will expand to store these toxins. Eating clean foods and sticking to raw, non-starch veggies and ripe fruit will not only have you feeling great but will help to reduce the belly fat that we develop through poor diet and lack of exercise.
Hot Water with Lemon
Do this right when you wake up. Drink 1-3 cups of warm or hot water (depending on your tolerance level) with a tablespoon of lemon juice. This will help to jumpstart your metabolism and detoxify your system.
Stay Away From Dairy, Period
Dairy contains harmful proteins like Casein that are very difficult for our bodies to digest and can result in fat build-up and toxification. Stay away from dairy and try alternative products like Almond Milk and Hemp Milk.
No More Sugar
Refined sugar one of the most toxic foods you can consume. Not only can is cause surges and crashes in energy but can add to those extra pounds around the mid-section. This is one of the first things to cut out of your diet if looking to shed a few. Try Raw Honey instead.
Ladies, Drink Spearmint Tea If It’s That Time of The Month
Spearmint tea is great for regulating hormonal imbalances. It will have you feeling and looking better if consumed regularly and will help to fight bloating.
Eat Alkaline Foods First
At each meal, by putting alkaline foods first, you are balancing your acidity level and regulating healthy body function and metabolism. These foods include ripe fruit and raw vegetables- both high in fiber. By practicing this daily, you will see results beyond shedding a few pounds, and you will feel better and look more radiant.

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