5 Anti-Aging Secrets

The key to aging gracefully isn’t a mystery…it’s a science. Everything we put on and especially in our bodies, effects the way we look, feel and think. It doesn’t have to be hard you maintain that young, smooth glow that everyone craves. Here are few tips to help you get there.
1) Anti-Oxidants
Anti-oxidants are important, generally for keeping a healthy immune system and avoiding catching a cold. But, did you know that anti-oxidants help prevent premature aging? Cellular damage and free-radicals are your skin’s worst-enemy and anti-oxidant rich foods, like Blueberries, help to combat pollutants from everyday life and re-build your cellular structure, inside and out.
2) Eye-Cream for Your Lips
Apply a touch of your normal anti-aging eye cream to your lip area before going to bed. The same effects will take place with your lip lines and contour, and will help to smoothen and prevent wrinkles around the mouth.
3) Sunscreen
It cannot be stressed enough the vital role that sunscreen plays in anti-aging. The sun is detrimental to the integrity of your skin and can quicken the development of fine lines and wrinkles and hyper-pigmentation. A high SPF, used daily on the face and body, will dramatically reduce your risk for premature aging.

4) Omega Acids
Omega fatty acids, found in fish and nuts, aid in cellular regeneration of the blood which in turn, effects your whole body and skin. You can get these vital omegas by eating fish like salmon, or if you prefer not to eat meat, Black Current and Cod Liver oils are perfect supplements and can be found at your health food store.  Omegas are great for overall heart health as well, as they reduce blood pressure and inflammation and protect against heart disease.

5) Latisse

With aging comes hair loss, and that means eye lashes too. Thinning lashes can give the appearance of an aging, lack luster eye area. Latisse will help to maintain and produce full, rich eyelashes to give back that youthful vitality and brightness. Click HERE for our Buy One Get One Free Deal!

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