New Year, New Ways to Use Botox!

The day when Botox was used solely for wrinkle prevention and maintenance is long gone. Discover several other uses for Botox that perhaps you never even thought of.

EyeBrow Rejuvenation:
As we age, our brow area tends to become more and more droopy, creating a tired look. By injecting the area above the eyebrow with Botox, we are able to prevent the muscles from pulling down on the brow. Additionally, by injecting Botox near the temples can create a more natural-looking brow, as opposed to brows that arch too high, which can look like “over-injection” has occurred.

Migraine Relief:
Botox may help in desensitizing the pain receptors that lead to painful, chronic migraines and headaches. The FDA has approved it to be Injected into the several points around the head in 12-week intervals, which should help the pain of headaches subside.

Muscle Spasms:
Because of the ability to calm the muscle, small doses of Botox have been known to help those who suffer from intense muscle spasms, like clinched fists, uncontrollable blinking or muscle twitching.
Smaller Calves:
A non-traditional use of Botox, injecting into the calves can cause the muscle to atrophy a bit which will minimize bulky, large-looking calves.

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