Ask Dr. K: How Do I Avoid The Tell-Tale Signs of a Facelift

I always stress that the most important part of cosmetic surgery, is choosing your doctor. If you don’t perform thorough research ask the right questions during a consultation, you may end up with something you didn’t ask for. Surgery scars are one of the most important aspects to getting something done, especially when that surgery is on your face. I spend most of my days in Beverly Hills and after traveling internationally, I see far too many unfortunate cases of women and men who have had facelift, but are left with distracting and obvious scarring. Sometimes these scars are seen around the ear, or are seen in the form of a raised hairline. No matter what the obvious scar may be, it is very unfortunate and speaks not of the person, but of the surgeon who performed the surgery. But unfortunately, it is the innocent patient who has to live with it.
When researching a doctor for a facelift, ask about their training and board certification and whether they have specialized training in performing facelifts. Also, be sure to closely inspect their work and ask to see images of facelifts they have performed in the past. Ask detailed questions about their procedure technique and how they avoid scarring.
If you would like to know more about this subject or request a consultation, please contact Lift MD Aesthetics®

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