Ask Dr. K: What Are Micro-Cannulas and How Do They Work?

Many patients ask me about my techniques regarding injectables and fillers and how I am able to achieve such natural results with minimal injection points and a smooth and even texture. My technique for injecting is a large part of the success of my treatments but an important factor in these results is the use of a micro-cannula instead of the traditional needle.

A micro-cannula is a very thin, small and flexible hollow tube with a smooth round tip. There is no sharp end as you would see in a traditional needle. The benefit with this design is the minimal entry points that are required to achieve a result as opposed to the many punctures you would need with a traditional needle with less pain and a much less probability of bruising.

Some of the benefits of a Micro-Cannula over a needle include:

  • Reduced Pain
  • Less Bleeding
  • Less Bruising
  • Less Tissue Trauma & Swelling

The micro-cannula injection requires a single entry point for a large area instead of many with a traditional needle. The tip of cannula is smooth and rounded which allows the vessels to be simply pushed aside instead of being cut. This means, instead of pain, the patient will most likely experience little more than pressure. Whether injecting the under eyes or lips, you can be assured that bruising and swelling is minimal and you can continue with your everyday activities and attend events right away.

The process of injecting is simple. An entry point is made with a traditional needle that is, of course, slightly larger than the micro-cannula. A numbing agent, like Lidocaine may be used to ease an discomfort one might feel, but pain is very slight.

For more information about the micro-cannula or my techniques, contact Lift MD Aesthetics®

Lift MD Aesthetics®

436 N. Bedford Dr. Suite 301 Beverly Hills, Ca 90210


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