Ask Dr. K: What is the quickest way to get a beach ready body?

It’s the middle of summer and many of my patients are looking to me for quick solutions to trip up look better in their swimsuits.  There are several, easy ways to tighten up your body so you feel more comfortable in the less amount of clothing that summer weather permits.
My first suggestion is nutrition. Drink lots of water and incorporate as many raw fruits and vegetables as you can into your diet. Try to cut out dairy, sugar and of course processed foods. Not only will this help trim the fat, but will help your skin glow and you will feel better all around.
Secondly, regular exercise will trip the fat and tone your muscles. Every body is different and responds differently to certain exercises, so I suggest consulting with a physical trainer to develop the best and most effective plan for you.
Lastly, if you’ve tried incorporating nourishing, whole foods, and are exercising regularly but can’t seem to lose those resistant fat pockets, LiftSculpture is a safe and easy procedure that will help accentuate your natural curves with very little downtime and pain. Click HERE to read more about LiftSculpture.
I am always happy to discuss with my clients, ways to live a happier and healthier life. If you would like to set up a consultation to speak with me, you can contact me at my office at 310-285-0400.

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