Perfect Skin Is In at Lift MD Aesthetics

New York Fashion Week brought no shortage of fashion and beauty trends for people to try and one of the most notable trends was an all natural look. Perfect complexions with minimal makeup are achievable with the right products and procedures. Lift MD Aesthetics has a wide arrange of products that will help you get that perfect complexion that is the most coveted look for the Fall.


The Camphor Pore-Minimizing Mask

The mask is just what you need to detoxify your skin and reveal a glowing and rejuvenated complexion. You’ll instantly notice smaller pores and any blemishes will soon disappear.

The Blemish Fix

Erase blemishes with The Lift MD Blemish Fix. Apply the Blemish Fix directly to any problem area and watch your skin go from spotty to clear in no time. The Blemish Fix is fast acting, cleansing, moisturizing and purifying so you’ll have clear, moisturized skin.

The Glycolic Face Creme

Smooth and moisturize your skin with this restorative cream that will leaving your face looking and feeling rejuvenated. This creme removes dead skin cells to reveal a smooth surface underneath.

The Oxygen Facial

Lift Md’s Oxygen Facial is tailor made to give your skin the nutrients and moisture that it needs to achieve a flawless complexion. The luxe facial is infused with essential oils and purified oxygen which calms and soothes the skin.

Injectables are some of the best ways to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Dr. Kassabian’s technique and expertise will leave your skin looking youthful, smoother and more supple.

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