Best Ways to Prepare for your Upcoming Surgery!

When getting ready for the big day, there is a long list of “Do’s and Don’ts” prior to surgery that are important to the process. These vary from 2 weeks before, to the day of your surgery. Here is our guide to get you prepared before you embark on your highly anticipated transformation.

1. After your consultation and the day is set, make sure you have someone available to transport you from the surgery to your home and be with you the first 24 hours. This is very important and will be essential in your recovery process.
Who wouldn’t want to be waited on for a day anyway?

2. Two weeks prior you want to cut off medicines that could cause complications during surgery. An example would be aspirin, ibuprofen or any herbal medications. Another would be any dieting supplements, these could also interfere.

3. One week prior it is important not to take drugs, or drink alcohol. As these could again cause complications during your surgery. Make sure you consult your doctor or nurse with any arising symptoms before you take medication.

4. The days leading up are also important, you want to make sure you are drinking lots of water, eating healthy and staying healthy as well. The day before you want to make sure you eat or drink anytime before the last 6 hours prior to your surgery. Make sure you get a good nights sleep, and your transportation is all set.

With all the excitement for your surgery, you want to make sure you do everything you need to do to ensure it is as successful as possible.
LiftMd will do their part, now all you have to do is yours!

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