The Annual Swimsuit Issues


With how you look in summertime clothing and swimwear fast becoming a priority, Dr. Garo Kassabian shares his advice on the best procedures, workout routine additions and dietary suggestions to look at now.

Though winter may just be ending in the rest of the United States, summer has pretty much landed in Southern California. With that, the concern over what you’ll be looking like in your swimsuit, short shorts and sundresses may also be weighing heavy on your mind.

Chances are that many of you reading this probably felt like you’ve been caught off guard. Thanks to some of the procedures offered at LIFT md Aesthetics, however, you can be caught up in no time, and you can check some of them out at That said, the sudden arrival of hot weather is also a great excuse to rethink your daily cardio and workout routine, tweaking your eating habits and swapping out your beauty products in your medicine cabinet the way you’re swapping clothes around in your closet.

  • Lipoplasty/Liposuction: If you’re close to your correct weight or have done a great job sticking to your New Years’ resolution plans, liposuction can help you finish and refine what you’ve started. When considering the procedure, take stock of any areas of localized extra fat localized in specific areas such as the hips, buttocks and abdomen.
  • Abdominoplasty: Even if you’ve cut your white flour and carb consumption down, and amped up your core (mid section) workout, the classic “Tummy Tuck” helps correct the stubborn pockets of fat still left behind. Better still, techniques for this procedure are constantly improving, reducing in less post-op downtime, and smoother, longer-lasting results.
  • Mastopexy and Mamaplasty (Breast Lifts and Breast Reductions, Sometimes, bigger isn’t always better, especially when it comes to how your bustline behaves in today’s fashionable but fickle swimwear and sundresses. Whether you’ve lost a lot of weight or are noticing post-natal changes in your body, these procedures (selected after you’ve met with me to decide the right course) are focused on creating a proportional, balanced look that’s feminine but streamlined based on your body type.
  • Summer-ize Your Beauty Body Routine: ( Our Cellufirm Crème and Serum will add a final layer of refinement to the work you’ve done, with our proprietary mix of European botanicals and medical grade ingredients.
  • You Are What You Eat: Would you rather be fresh, lean and colorful, or white and pasty. If you want the latter, bring more of these power foods into your diet: leafy greens, grapefruit, eggs, antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies like red bell peppers and seasonal berries; fiber rich foods like asparagus, digestive herbs like peppermint added to your iced tea (home-brewed, please) and water, salmon, Greek yogurt, and quinoa. This means cutting back on white foods such as rice, pasta and bread.
  • Exercise Your Right to a Better Body. Find out what moves you. Find your local gym or yoga studio or sign up for an Instagram challenge. Even if your idea of a workout is taking the stairs in stilettos. Anything helps, right? But start today. Swimsuit season is here!

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