Transform your Eyes with Dr Kassabian’s Signature Eyebright Treatment

Our eyes can be one of the first impressions of our well being that other people notice. They can often give out a false idea of who we are.  Sunken eyes can cause us to look older than our years, as well as give the assumption of lack of sleep and a poor diet, even though this might be the opposite of the truth.

Unless we take steps to reduce the problem, our overall well being can be affected.  It is well studied that our mental state can significantly affect our physical state and cause us to become unwell.  If giving a false impression about yourself due to the appearance of your sunken eyes is troubling you, there is no need to go on living with this concern. Dr Garo Kassabian’s signature Beverly Hills Eyebright treatment can improve the appearance of your eyes significantly; causing you to not only look better, but also feel better.  

Causes of and solutions to better-looking eyes

Under eye hollowness and the appearance of dark circles are mainly attributed to either the natural aging process, genetics, or life events such as lack of sleep, poor diet and even stress. The hollowness is due to the natural loss of -or lack there of- fatty tissue under the eye in an area called the tear trough. This hollowness is giving the appearance of dark circles due to the indentation of the skin, causing a shadow and sunken appearance. This can be a problem for both men and women. Once you have this condition, neither a change in lifestyle, nor any amount of makeup, can rectify the problem. Your options are either surgery or non-surgical treatment.

Although plastic surgery might be the right choice for some and a great solution to their cosmetic concerns, it is not necessarily the right option for all. There can be any amount of reasons not to proceed with surgery such as: the timing might not be right, financial concerns, scheduling conflict for the downtime needed after surgery, or just hesitant of getting surgery in general. Even though surgery is long lasting, can boost confidence, heighten self- esteem, and improve our outlook on life, it’s not the only solution.

Dr Garo Kassabian is well known for being the best plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills. His non-surgical Eyebright treatment is an alternative to surgery and can result in an amazing transformation that will leave you looking and feeling rejuvenated.  

Eyebright Treatment can work for you

Dr. Kassabian’s method for correcting under eye hollowness and dark circles is an exclusive injecting technique, which differs from any other method from other practices, and is only performed at his establishment at LiftMD. Derma fillers made with hyaluronic acid, which is hydrating substance naturally found in the body, are used in conjunction with Dr. K’s unique injecting technique.  Since hyaluronic acid is naturally found in the body, adverse effects are extremely rare.

Many people, including numerous celebrities, have sought out Dr. Kassabian’s signature Eyebright treatment and all are a testament to its outstanding results.  His 10+ years’ experience in delivering the utmost excellence in all injectable procedures has earned him the exclusive Allergan Black Diamond Award, placing him among the 1% of the top most experienced surgeons in the country. You will be in very good hands by choosing Dr. Kassabian as your expert injector.

Dr Kassabian’s signature procedure does not require the use of needles.  We all know that needles can cause some of us to be squeamish or feel faint at the thought.  However, Dr Kassabian uses an advance technique to inject the filler using a cannula, which is thin like a needle but isn’t sharp, so it’s essentially a thin tube. As a result of this, there is minimal to no pain and rarely any bruising or swelling.

This minimally invasive treatment will allow you to regain a more youthful and renewed appearance and will last up to 18 months depending on the person.  Because of the use of a cannula, there isn’t any downtime, so you are able to go about your daily duties immediately after undergoing the treatment.

Take the Steps to Better Looking Eyes

Due to Dr. Kassabian’s phenomenal results with his signature Eyebright treatment, the procedure has become extremely popular.  Along with his dedicated staff members, Dr. Kassabian is committed to the safety and utmost satisfaction of all his patients. Through Facebook, Instagram and YouTube you can find a multitude of people who have undergone this treatment and their amazing results. Their stories tell of how their lives have been incredibly transformed after getting the treatment.

To find out more about this remarkable and innovative procedure
and to schedule a consultation call Dr. Kassabian’s office on 310-285-0400.

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