The NEW Wonder ‘Bra’

Dr. Kassabian is a pioneer in the field of cosmetic surgery. His techniques surpass others in that his dual-board certification, subspecialty training and artful eye result in flawless surgeries. These specialized techniques result in patients looking and feeling younger.

His breast lift techniques are no different. Not only does he reposition the nipple and tighten the skin, both standard in breast lifting procedures, but his technique re-structures and re-distributes your own breast tissue to create the perfect contour and shape. In other words, the traditional procedure lifts only the skin whereas Dr. Kassabian’s technique actually lifts the breast tissue providing support and contour and has a long-lasting effect. “It’s like an invisible bra” says Dr. Kassabian “the shape and volume of the breast is modified to give a perky and youthful silhouette.” These results are achieved without the use of breast implants (if you have enough breast volume to start with) since the contouring effect gives the necessary upper pole fullness.

If you think you may be a candidate or would like more information about this revolutionary technique, contact Dr. Kassabian and Lift MD Aesthetics®. Call us at 310-285-0400 or visit us at Lift Md Aesthetics®, 436 North Bedford Drive, Suite 301, Beverly Hills, California.

Get Your Body Back With A Mommy Makeover

Now that the kids are back in school, it’s time for mommy to focus on herself. From new moms to those with kids already out of the house, the Mommy Makeover procedure at Lift MD Aesthetics® is the perfect surgical package to get your body back into the shape you want. Dr. Kassabian can customize your makeover depending on your needs and history and will target only areas of concern.

A typical Mommy Makeover can include breast work: a breast augmentation, a lift with augmentation or reduction,  or a breast lift only. A consultation will determine which of these options is right for you. The next step in the procedure focuses on the mid-section. Laser liposuction is used to remove any unwanted fat pockets and works to correct areas of stretched skin. A conditional third step is next. If there is an excessive amount of loose skin and weakened abdominal muscles, then a Tummy Tuck can be performed to correct these areas.

As a dual board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Kassabian may combine these procedures all at one time if deemed safe. The recovery period can last from a week to 10 days. You can get your body back in one day of surgery and be back at your child’s soccer practice within two weeks. Dr. Kassabian’s expertise and artistry will give you natural results that will make all the PTA moms envious.
After all, “Looking Good Feels Good”® -Dr. Garo Kassabian
Call Lift MD Aesthetics® if you feel this may be an option for you, and Dr. Kassabian will discuss your options and everything you need to know about getting your body back.
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