Valentines Day Specials & You’re Invited!



You & Your Sweetie are Invited!

Take the day off. Just for Valentine’s Day, we are offering an exclusive special that will leave you glowing!  Start the journey with a special reservation for his and her’s Shiatsu Facials customized for each of you. Then, drift off to a relaxing Reflexology Massage for each of you to take away your stress and let you really unwind. We will be serving champagne and chocolates so you will have the opportunity to indulge and let us really treat you. After you are all done, you will get to take home your very own customized Lift MD Aesthetics® Skin Care Kit, as a special gift from us!

Valued at over $350.00 per person, this exclusive package is only $225.00 per person for this one-time occasion!

Bring that special someone or just treat yourself… it’s up to you!





Free Facial & Free Botox®!

That’s right, you read correctly. In celebration of Valentines Day, bring a loved one in to Lift MD Aesthetics® for Botox® and they will receive an area for free! What’s in it for you? A Lift MD Aesthetics® Signature Facial! Ahhh, relax and unwind while our expert esthetician deep cleanses and nourishes your skin to a gorgeous glow. You and your loved one will leave feeling and looking more beautiful!

Space is limited so book today while you still can!


*Offer valid during February only. Appointment must be booked before Valentines Day and redeemed before February 28, 2011. Only one offer valid per patient. New patients only qualify to receive free Botox®


Buy 1 Latisse Get 1 FREE!

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10 Ways to Look & Feel Younger in 2011

A new year, a new you. Make 2011 the year of youthful beauty with these 10 simple tips to keep your skin fresh, your body tight and your mind at peace. These are tips that anyone can practice daily to look and feel younger.

1) Exfoliate your skin using a gentle scrub to remove dead skin cells, tone & condition the skin.

2) Use a moisturizer with a sunscreen. This will help prevent premature aging of the skin and will help keep you looking younger over time. Oh, and don’t forget about your hands! They age too, you know.

3) Take Lift MD Aesthetics® Anti Aging Daily Vitamins. These will have you feeling healthier and keep you glowing!

4) After you shower, apply your body lotion while your skin is still a little damp. The lotion’s moisturizing agents will lock in better if the skin is moist rather than dry making your skin softer, smoother and brighter.

5) Exercising at least 3 times a week can give a naturally glowing complexion, which will help you look more vibrant and youthful and just plain feel better.

6) When applying your beauty products, don’t stop at your chin. Always remember your decollete. Your neck and chest area can show just as much signs of aging as the face.

7) Stay away from tanning beds in 2011! There is nothing more beautiful than a flawless, natural skin tone that hasn’t been harmed by UV rays.

8) Eat more foods that promote healthy skin. Salmon, almonds and berries are all rich in anti-oxidants.

9) Longer, fuller lashes can make you appear more youthful and fresh. Apply Latisse® to your eyelashes to achieve long, lustrous lashes.

10) Drink plenty of water everyday. Not only does drinking water boost your metabolism, but can also increase elasticity to the skin and provide necessary moisture from within.

Check out our online store for products to get you started on the path to youthful beauty!

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Get Your Body Back With A Mommy Makeover

Now that the kids are back in school, it’s time for mommy to focus on herself. From new moms to those with kids already out of the house, the Mommy Makeover procedure at Lift MD Aesthetics® is the perfect surgical package to get your body back into the shape you want. Dr. Kassabian can customize your makeover depending on your needs and history and will target only areas of concern.

A typical Mommy Makeover can include breast work: a breast augmentation, a lift with augmentation or reduction,  or a breast lift only. A consultation will determine which of these options is right for you. The next step in the procedure focuses on the mid-section. Laser liposuction is used to remove any unwanted fat pockets and works to correct areas of stretched skin. A conditional third step is next. If there is an excessive amount of loose skin and weakened abdominal muscles, then a Tummy Tuck can be performed to correct these areas.

As a dual board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Kassabian may combine these procedures all at one time if deemed safe. The recovery period can last from a week to 10 days. You can get your body back in one day of surgery and be back at your child’s soccer practice within two weeks. Dr. Kassabian’s expertise and artistry will give you natural results that will make all the PTA moms envious.
After all, “Looking Good Feels Good”® -Dr. Garo Kassabian
Call Lift MD Aesthetics® if you feel this may be an option for you, and Dr. Kassabian will discuss your options and everything you need to know about getting your body back.
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