Ask Dr K: What is the current trend in breast augmentations?

Although fuller breasts are never really out of style, it’s not to say that a more modest and demure look is in. The days of the Pamela Anderson look are gone, and possibly for the better. Not only can too-large breasts cause back pain, but the silhouette created often looks unnatural and unbalanced. The trend today is less about statement making breasts, and more about an overall healthy, natural-looking, sexy hourglass silhouette, with breast size playing a major role.

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Cyber Monday Skin Saving Deals!


Don’t miss out on the HOTTEST Cyber Monday deals! Laser Skin resurfacing, facials for holiday beauty preperation and all Lift MD Aesthetics brand skincare is 40% off today only.


Laser Skin Resurfacing is the treatment of choice for acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, and uneven pigmentation.

Skin Resurfacing Face & Neck  $2500

Improves sun damage, age spots, scars, wrinkles and fine lines, and overall skin texture

*Usually only requires 1 treatment

Madonna Eyelid Lift and Tighten $550 per treatment or $1500 for package of 3

Improves lines around the eyes, tightens eyelid skin, and improves skin texture *Usually requires 3 treatments, 3-4 weeks apart

Skin Resurfacing Face, Neck, & Madonna Eyelid Lift $3500

Skin Resurfacing Face, Neck & Chest $3000

Skin Resurfacing Acne $3000

Improves acne scars

*Usually requires 1 treatment

Skin Resurfacing Weekend Peel  $950

Removes damaged layers of skin, improves skin tone and the appearance of skin in just a few days

*Usually requires 1 treatment per 6 months


Add On Any of the Following for $750:

Chest Improves sun damage, age spots, and skin texture

*Usually requires 2 treatments, 3-4 weeks apart

Forearms Improves sun damage, age spots, and skin texture

*Usually requires 2 treatments, 3-4 weeks apart

Hands Improves sun damage, age spots, and skin texture

*Usually requires 2 treatments, 3-4 weeks apart

Stretch Marks (up to 3 areas) Adds color into White Stretch Marks

*Usually requires 3 treatments, 3-4 weeks apart-

Additional spa treatments for the holiday’s:

The Lift Signature Mini Herbal Peel $125 ($250 Retail)

Discover the secret of the socialites. Give us an hour and we will help reduce the appearance of those age revealing fine lines and wrinkles and minimize the look of age spots, leaving you with rejuvenated, fresh, younger looking skin. This treatment begins with a deep cleansing followed by mild extractions. A mineral rich algae scrub is then used with a special technique to revitalize and improve cellular regeneration. Finally, your skin is pampered with the Extreme Peptide Mask and Swiss Collagen Eye Miracle for the ultimate boost in hydration for the finishing touch. This scrub is not just for the ladies that lunch. 60 minutes.


30% Glycolic Pro Gel Peel $50 ($95 Retail)

This powerful dual action peel incorporates 30% pure grade glycolic acid, and lipid-soluble salicylic acid promotes acceleration of cell desquamation. The benefits include correction and lessening of acne lesions, softening and hydration of the epidermis, reduction in pigmentation and improvement of environmentally damaged and photo aged skin.


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Lift MD Aesthetics® by Dr. Garo Kassabian

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Holiday Gift Guide Has Arrived


This holiday season, treat your friends and family to Lift MD Aesthetic’s most indulgent and rewarding gifts.

Red Carpet Facial

The first 3 step facial to get you flawless skin for your big event. A soothing scrub is applied to rid the skin of all impurities in preparation for the first step. A Microdermabrasion treatment stimulates collagen production, while removing dead skin cells and preparing for the Power Peptide Mask. The Power Peptide Mask helps to temporarily balance the skin tone and hide red spots, ideal for same-day appearances or photo shoots. The Oxygen Treatment is the final step. Loaded with essential vitamins and amino acids, the Oxygen Treatment fills in and refines your pores, helps to reduce dark under-eye circles and gives you an all around gorgeous glow. This treatment should be performed the day of your event, or whenever your feeling lackluster and need a boost.

Beverly Hills Vitamin Cocktail


The Beverly Hills Vitamin Cocktail was developed by Dr. Garo Kassabian from an IV drip formula used at Lift MD Aesthetics® This powerful cocktail contains the highest potency of nutrients available. Beta-carotene, vitamins C, E and B-complex work together for anti-oxidant protection, energy production and more. Used along with the Beverly Hills Vitamin Booster, this vitamin cocktail is the ideal alternative to popular IV treatments. Your on-the-go solution to maintain energy, wellness and beauty.

Glycolic Skincare


The Lift MD Aesthetics® Glycolic collection works miracles by improving the texture of skin and turning back the clock on all types of skin irregularities and fine lines and wrinkles.  To jump start your skin renewal, visit Lift MD Aesthetics® Center for a 30% Glycolic Pro Gel Peel. This powerful dual action peel involves 30% pure grade Glycolic acid, which rapidly promotes new skin cells and leaves you with a radiant glow.

Liquid Facelift


The Liquid Facelift is the perfect non-surgical solution to getting a facelift without the pain or worry of surgery.  The Liquid Facelift consists of a series of fillers, like Botox, Juvederm and Restylane which are  injected strategically around the face and eyes to instantly give a refreshed and youthful look without any downtime.

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Lift MD Aesthetics® by Dr. Garo Kassabian

436 N. Bedford Dr. Suite 301 Beverly Hills, Ca 90210