“Thanks to his new line of products and treatments, you can see results without going under the knife”

– Victoria Namking, LA Confidential

“These are the best product I have ever used”   “After just a few weeks I can see the difference”  “Spectacular results”  “You have changed my life by giving me back my confidence- thank you Dr. Kassabian”  “It’s like I had a mini facelift, without the downtime”

– Praise for Dr Kassabian from Socialites and Celebrity patients


“I am obsessed! My new fave beauty treatment-Power Peptide Peel. 30 minutes later and I walked out of the spa without any makeup and radiant, glowing flawless skin! This is the perfect solution for anyone that needs to be camera ready by the weekend.”

– AV


“Dear Garo,

I wanted to thank you a million for helping me out and making it such and quick procedure. The little scars healed completely that I can’t even tell where my moles used to be. Thank you again for your kindness.”



“Dear Dr. Kassabian,

How can I ever thank you for making me feel and look so wonderful?

I was amazed at the way my face looked immediately after my procedure last week. It took such a short time to take away at least 10 years of the aging process from my face. The lines around my nose and mouth have disappeared and the corners of my mouth are no longer turned down.  Nothing was ever swollen and I didn’t have to hide myself for a single day.

I keep looking at myself in the mirror and remembering that it’s the same way I used to look so long ago. My make up time has been cut in half and I’m shopping for younger looking clothes. My motivation has returned to get back into the gym to get my body back in shape to match my more youthful appearance.

I have 3 daughters and they are thrilled with my younger appearance. They love the fact that you didn’t change my features, just removed the lines that aged me and made me feel old and frumpy.

I was also impressed with the minimal amount of discomfort during my procedure. I have heard from others about how painful these procedures are, but you took every precaution to keep me comfortable.

I truly appreciate everything you have done for me and I look forward to seeing you again.”



“The best place to get your Botox………the price per area is so reasonable and Dr. K invites you back a week later so that he can make sure that everything is perfect and if you feel like you need a little more he doesn’t charge you an additional fee. His technique is so natural, no one will know you have had anything done; you just look fresh and rested : )”

– Simone Z


“I am writing this letter with great enthusiasm. I have been skinny my entire life, but never felt like I had much shape. After visiting several doctors, I finally found one that had a solution for me.  Dr. Kassabian discussed the option of liposculpting.  At first, I was not sure if I was a candidate, but he assured me it was not to lose weight but to actually redistribute what small amounts of fat I had and give me new curves. He transformed my boyish frame and gave me an hourglass look. I was so excited with the results that I was showing off my new body to all my friends that week! I would recommend this to anyone who wants to redefine his or her body with minimal bruising and downtime.”

-Stayce Stone


“Ahhhh just had my first facial here by Ili. The space is gorgeous, clean and white. Ili instantly made me feel comfortable…. she was knowledgeable. friendly and gave me a thorough neck massage to go along with my deep cleaning facial. They do many other things as well but I HIGHLY recommend Ili for facials. It’s been 3 days and my skin is STILL glowing!!”

– Kimberlee D.


“Lift MD Aesthetics is more than a spa. An uber chic, one stop shop for all your beauty needs. Pulled, Plucked, Pumped, or even Augmented – Dr. Kassabian’s spa has what you need. He is a board certified plastic surgeon with a stellar reputation. Lift also specializes in massage, facials and waxing. The atmosphere is luusssssssssssh. You will feel like you are at the W Hotel – where are the martinis? Just what you need before Garo erases your wrinkles!”

– Deidre H.


“Thank you for making my experience such a wonderful one. I felt you truly cared about my well-being and wanted me to have the best. You are kind and knowledgeable and definitely had an impact on me going through with the procedure. Thank you for holding my hand through the process and never getting annoyed with my anxiety. You are caring and sweet. I am so glad you were there to talk to.”



“Even though I decided against doing the surgery, if I ever go through with it, I would use him. Very professional. My sister had work with him and looks outstanding!

– Erica H.


“I had originally gone to Dr. Kassabian for a bit of lipo and suggestions for my face, which, over time, has developed deep lines and sagging skin. The front desk staff impressed me immediately as well as the ambience of the facility. He made me feel as though I was the only patient he had that day. I must have been there for over 2 hours having all my questions and concerns addressed! He suggested fat injections in my face and I tell you – I wish I had done it years ago. I have never looked or felt better and all my friends are rushing to get through his doors. The best of the best in Beverly Hills!”

–  Mangotop


“I had such a great experience with this office. Dr. Kassabian did my tummy tuck and I was so nervous because I heard there was a lot of pain! Mine was great and I healed so quickly and look great.”

– Amanda H.



One thought on “Testimonials

  1. Please feel free to use my comments as a tesimony.

    I am a 53 year old male who is conscienscious about maintaining a more youthful appearance as I age. Dr. Kassabian recommended a treatment of Juvederm for the dark circles under my eyes and to assist in lifting up this area through this treatment process. The solution for the labial folds from the nose down the sides of the mouth, and the deep ‘scowl’ line between my eyes was also to use a Juvederm filler. The results were instant, amazing and virtually painless, with no down time at all. I had seen other friends of mine who had this done with other clinics, and the results did not impress me, Dr. Kassabian method however made a dramatic natural looking appearance of eliminating several years off of my face. Thank you LIFT MD and Dr. Kassabian for the wonderful results! I recommend this to anyone wishing to have a more youthful and less tired appearance.

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