On the Nose Results

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From teens up through mature adults, it should come as no surprise that “the nose job” is the most common cosmetic surgical procedure after breast augmentation. After all, the nose is the physical center of the face, which means that it can draw the eye to the other features of one’s face, or distract from them. This is a huge reason why teens and young adults, according to WebMD, account for roughly half of the total number of patients undergoing the procedure.
That said, there’s more to the story than that. Within the overall rhinoplasty category, there are are aesthetic procedures to remove a bump, straighten the bridge, reshape the tip. On the more practical end, there is septoplasty (a procedure done to straighten the nasal septum, the partition between the two nasal cavities) and turbinate reduction, which corrects the problem of nasal obstruction by reducing the turbinate size and thereby decreasing airway resistance while preserving the natural function of the turbinate’s, whose function it is to clean and humidify the air as it moves through your nose into your lungs. We are also offering combination of rhinoplasty (nose) and genioplasty (chin) to provide some patients a greater look of balance within their face.

Rhinoplasty is definitely not a “one size fits all” proposition–and thank goodness our community has recognized this. There was a time, about a half-century ago, when many patients got the same type of upturned, “button” nose, and though it was smaller, the nose looked “done” and identical to others who had the procedure.

Patients also need to understand that the nose is an important organ that brings air into the lungs and facilitates your sense of smell as well as taste. It is comprised of skin, bone and cartilage, as well as many blood vessels and nerves. The function of the nose depends on anatomy and internal lining of the nose that may be affected by allergy and sinus problems. The anatomy may become compromised if there is deviation or collapse of internal structures, including the septum, internal nasal valve, turbinate enlargement and external nasal valve.

We want it to not only look good, but also not interfere with his or her breathing function or the integrity of their natural bone structure based on their ethnic and genetic make up. Our before and after photos of these procedures (http://www.liftmd.com/before-after/rhinoplasty), reflect this philosophy. Seeing is believing, especially with a practice whose patients represents Los Angeles’ wonderful cross section of global cultures and people from all walks of life.


While before and after photos offer insight into how a practice approaches rhinoplasty from a broad perspective and the individual patient’s perspective, the secret to a successful rhinoplasty starts with a complete conversation between the patient and a board certified plastic surgeon.

Although the patient’s desires are the first priority, we want to be careful to balance those desires with the most realistic expectations and procedures that will leave the patient looking natural, and even more importantly, breathing correctly. Furthermore, a patient should realize that although there will be some instant gratification, there is also a long-term commitment involved. Although there is not a lot of downtime and you can see results in less than a few months, like a lot of cosmetic procedures, the full results are typically seen in 1-2 years, while those with more complex surgery such as reconstructive procedures, advanced tip work, and thick skin will likely continue to see final results even after two years.

Is a rhinoplasty right for you? Call 310-285-0400 and request a personal consultation with us today. Why wait?

2015: Predictions of Top Cosmetic Surgery Trends

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In many cases, less is more, and we only have to look at the evolution of the cell phone to see how a good idea got better and smaller simultaneously–from the giant brick people carried in the 1980s to today’s small, discreet smart phones that not only place calls but do pretty much everything to make our personal and professional lives easier.

Cosmetic surgery has followed suit over the decades, with less downtime, fewer medical complications, more minimally invasive procedures and more natural looking results–all things that represents Dr.Garo Kassabian’s values as a cosmetic surgeon.

Based on the inquiries being made by clients in our practice, and in practices across the U.S., here are this year’s top trends in cosmetic surgery. All reflect the continued improvements and advances in protocols, treatments and techniques that ensure patients will ultimately get what they want–their best selves.

  • Minimally invasive techniques and procedures will continue to grow in popularity. The use of minimally invasive (Botox, fillers, photo-rejuvenation) and nonsurgical cosmetic treatments will continue to increase next year. In 2013 there was a 10 percent increase over the previous year according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS).
  • More men will seek cosmetic surgery to look good and stay competitive in the job market. Men are seeking surgery as a key tool to help them succeed. (According to ASAPS, men had more than one million cosmetic procedures in 2013, 9 percent of the total.)
  • The Brow Lift: Looking for that fresh, wide-eyed look without the risk of looking too stretched out or done? Enter the brow lift, which eliminates the sagging of time, as well as horizontal frown lines. http://www.liftmd.com/procedures-services/face.
  • The age group of those seeking cosmetic procedures will continue to expand to both younger and more senior patients. Younger patients realize the important role of early anti-aging intervention and older patients are staying in the workforce longer and want to look more youthful.
  • The use of autologous fat grafting will continue to expand, both in reconstructive and cosmetic contexts.
  • New and more powerful lasers with less downtime will impact treatment protocols.
  • Below the belt: Buttock augmentations and labiaplasties will continue to gain popularity, as more women will seek cosmetic surgery to enhance, correct, and modify the more intimate parts of their bodies.
  • In the U.S., ethnic minorities will continue to show a strong increase in interest in cosmetic procedures. According to ASAPS, in 2013, racial and ethnic minorities had approximately 22 percent of all cosmetic procedures
  • Jawline Contouring is on the rise, especially as procedure can be performed on both men and women, as can cheek augmentation. Looking a good ten years younger or more has never been easier, though you have to go about it with a professional who wants to improve you rather than turn you into a mannequin.
  • Topically applied Botox will begin clinical trials in the U.S. in late 2015, early 2016. (The new needle-free gel formulation of botulinum toxin called RT001.)

The Annual Swimsuit Issues


With how you look in summertime clothing and swimwear fast becoming a priority, Dr. Garo Kassabian shares his advice on the best procedures, workout routine additions and dietary suggestions to look at now.

Though winter may just be ending in the rest of the United States, summer has pretty much landed in Southern California. With that, the concern over what you’ll be looking like in your swimsuit, short shorts and sundresses may also be weighing heavy on your mind.

Chances are that many of you reading this probably felt like you’ve been caught off guard. Thanks to some of the procedures offered at LIFT md Aesthetics, however, you can be caught up in no time, and you can check some of them out at http://www.liftmd.com/procedures-services/body. That said, the sudden arrival of hot weather is also a great excuse to rethink your daily cardio and workout routine, tweaking your eating habits and swapping out your beauty products in your medicine cabinet the way you’re swapping clothes around in your closet.

  • Lipoplasty/Liposuction: If you’re close to your correct weight or have done a great job sticking to your New Years’ resolution plans, liposuction can help you finish and refine what you’ve started. When considering the procedure, take stock of any areas of localized extra fat localized in specific areas such as the hips, buttocks and abdomen.
  • Abdominoplasty: Even if you’ve cut your white flour and carb consumption down, and amped up your core (mid section) workout, the classic “Tummy Tuck” helps correct the stubborn pockets of fat still left behind. Better still, techniques for this procedure are constantly improving, reducing in less post-op downtime, and smoother, longer-lasting results.
  • Mastopexy and Mamaplasty (Breast Lifts and Breast Reductions, http://www.liftmd.com/procedures-services/breast): Sometimes, bigger isn’t always better, especially when it comes to how your bustline behaves in today’s fashionable but fickle swimwear and sundresses. Whether you’ve lost a lot of weight or are noticing post-natal changes in your body, these procedures (selected after you’ve met with me to decide the right course) are focused on creating a proportional, balanced look that’s feminine but streamlined based on your body type.
  • Summer-ize Your Beauty Body Routine: (http://www.liftmd.com/skincare): Our Cellufirm Crème and Serum will add a final layer of refinement to the work you’ve done, with our proprietary mix of European botanicals and medical grade ingredients.
  • You Are What You Eat: Would you rather be fresh, lean and colorful, or white and pasty. If you want the latter, bring more of these power foods into your diet: leafy greens, grapefruit, eggs, antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies like red bell peppers and seasonal berries; fiber rich foods like asparagus, digestive herbs like peppermint added to your iced tea (home-brewed, please) and water, salmon, Greek yogurt, and quinoa. This means cutting back on white foods such as rice, pasta and bread.
  • Exercise Your Right to a Better Body. Find out what moves you. Find your local gym or yoga studio or sign up for an Instagram challenge. Even if your idea of a workout is taking the stairs in stilettos. Anything helps, right? But start today. Swimsuit season is here!